What Is Levitra 5 mg And How Does It Work?


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Levitra 5 mg is a branded trading nomenclature for vardenafil, a powerful PDE5 inhibitor. It contains vardenafil hydrochloride, a hydrocarbon compound featuring 16 per cent bioavailability. This substance improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs and enhances the response to erotic stimulation. It performs that by suppressing phosphodiesterase type five enzyme which negatively affects erection, namely biochemical processes which are needed for it. Levitra does not work if a patient is not sexually excited.

The pill works for 4-5 hours. User experience shows few possible side effects. The recommended dose is 10 mg, approximately 25-60 minutes before sex. Based on efficiency and tolerance, it can be decreased to 5 mg, or, vice versa, increased to twenty milligrams. You can buy easily Levitra from Pinkviva site at an affordable price range. Before you choose this site you may check Pinkviva review for better result.


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