Refund policy

Please take a moment to review these terms below. If you accept the terms, you can continue to use our site.

1. Refund
1.1 Customers cannot request a refund after payment.
1.2 Payments to are a payment for virtual items included in the purchase. This transaction is final and non-refundable.
1.3 No refunds are made, the remaining balance must be used in
1.4 All products you buy are for

2. Delay reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend your memberships at any time and for any length of time. This action will be taken in the event of pending or suspected fraudulent payments and/or if money is placed on hold by any of our payment systems or credit card processors. Once the payment is cleared and/or the dispute is resolved in our favor, we will reactivate your ads for the remaining days as the suspension is instantly lifted.

3. Rescission reserves the right to terminate your memberships.