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Splitting a PST (Personal Storage Table) file is a process often used with Microsoft Outlook to manage large email databases. PST files can become quite large over time, and splitting them can help improve performance and prevent corruption. Here's how you can Regain split a PST Tool:

Method 1: Using Outlook's Import and Export Wizard

  1. Open Outlook: Make sure you have Outlook installed and open.
  2. Access Import and Export Wizard:
    • For Outlook 2010: Go to "File" > "Options" > "Advanced" > "Export".
    • For Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019: Go to "File" > "Open & Export" > "Import/Export".
  3. Choose Action: Select "Export to a file" and click "Next".
  4. Choose File Type: Select "Outlook Data File (.pst)" and click "Next".
  5. Select Folders: Choose the folder you want to split. You can select multiple folders or the entire mailbox.
  6. Choose Destination: Click "Next", then specify the destination for the new PST file.
  7. Specify Options: Choose an option that suits your needs. If you want to split the file, choose "Do not export duplicate items" and "Filter".
  8. Finish: Click "Finish" to start the export process.
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I've tried one such program and can highly suggest it: Softaken PST Splitter for Outlook. This software's user-friendly interface is simple to use and it is particularly made for splitting enormous PST files. You can divide a huge PST file into several smaller ones using Split Outlook PST files Tool according to the date range, size, or folder. The program is quick and effective, and I discovered that it quickly divided enormous PST files. Additionally, before splitting a PST file, the program provides a preview option that enables you to see which files will be included in each divided PST file. Free demo also offers to all users to check it's working performance.


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Software provides a seamless solution for splitting PST files into smaller segments. you can divide large PST files by size, date, folder, or specific criteria, enabling better Outlook performance and data organization. The tool ensures that email attributes and folder structure remain intact throughout the splitting process, maintaining data integrity. Compatible with all Outlook versions, SameTools offers a user-friendly experience while preventing the risks of data corruption due to oversized PST files. By using SameTools to split PST files, you can optimize Outlook's efficiency, reduce the chances of errors, and effectively manage your email data. This approach enhances accessibility, searchability, and overall email management, leading to a more streamlined and productive experience. You can split some PST files for free, you will come to know about the tool.


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Splitting a huge PST file into smaller pieces is critical to avoiding problems such as data corruption, file size constraints, and sluggish performance while accessing and managing your data. Gaintools Split PST Software is a dependable method for dividing a large PST file into smaller, more manageable chunks. This software allows you to divide PST files depending on size, date, or folder, which not only improves the efficiency of your email client but also lowers the likelihood of facing PST-related issues. You may better organize and protect your vital data by separating your PST file using Split PST Software, while also improving overall system efficiency.


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By using ToolsCrunch Split PST for Mac, split big PST files. To split Outlook PST files into manageable halves, use this program, which is completely secure. Users don't necessarily need to install additional software in order to split up PST files. This utility may also be used to break an Outlook PST file by both technical and non-technical users. Data is not subject to any limitations. The user may import any size PST file and divide it into smaller chunks. To learn more about the app's other features and functionalities without having to pay anything, use the free demo version.


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A ToolsBaer Split PST tool offers a convenient solution for managing large Outlook PST files. It enables users to break down oversized PST files into smaller, manageable segments, enhancing overall Outlook performance and preventing data corruption. These tools typically provide options to split PST files based on criteria such as size, year, sender, and folder structure. Software is supported by all MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2016, 2019, 2021 etc. PST Split Tool for both Mac and Windows is the best chosen solution to split large PST files. users can optimize storage space, streamline data management, and ensure smoother Outlook operations. Full version and free version of this software are available, download it as per your requirement.


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Are you tired of dealing with large and unwieldy PST files? Don't worry! MailsDaddy PST Split Tool is here to effortlessly split your large PST files into manageable chunks. This appropriate tool offers multiple splitting options such as date, folder, email id, and size. Experience faster email management, improved performance, and seamless organization with this user-friendly tool.
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Splitting a large PST file can be a crucial task for those looking to optimize Outlook performance and prevent potential data corruption. One highly effective solution is using a specialized tool like "SameTools Split PST File." This software provides a seamless and efficient way to divide large PST files into smaller, manageable segments, aiding in improving Outlook's speed and responsiveness. Users to split PST files based on specified parameters like size, year, or folders. By breaking down the PST file into smaller parts, users can better organize their Outlook data, making it easier to manage and access critical information. Importantly, this tool ensures the integrity and safety of the original data during the splitting process, mitigating any risks of data loss or corruption. With the ability to precisely split PST files, this tool is a valuable asset for individuals or organizations seeking to streamline their Outlook experience and maintain an organized email system.

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If you're dealing with oversized PST files, this blog is a game-changer! It offers a comprehensive guide on how to efficiently split large PST files into smaller, manageable parts. The author's expertise and user-friendly instructions make the process a breeze. Thanks to this blog, I regained control over my Outlook data and ensured a smoother email experience. Don't miss out on this valuable resource for PST splitting!
To read the blog follow the link: www.datarepairtools.com/blog/split-pst-file/


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Split Outlook PST files by trying the PcinfoTools PST Splitter tool which is the safest way. It splits Outlook PST files by year and split it into smaller sections. This tool partitions Outlook PST files without requiring the installation of Microsoft Outlook. Users can immediately save the newly split Outlook PST files to any location on their PC. Using this tool, a huge Outlook PST file can be simply split into smaller sections. Outlook PST files are split based on their size, year, and folder. This free software allows you to split Outlook PST files in a few simple steps.