Palworld Unveils Roadmap with Exciting Updates Including PvP, Raid Bosses, and Crossplay


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In the wake of Palworld's remarkable success and its skyrocketing popularity on PC and Xbox, developer Pocketpair is already gearing up to enhance the gaming experience further. Just days after its launch, Palworld has become a sensation, amassing over 7 million in sales within five days and securing the second-highest peak player count on Steam, surpassing even Counter-Strike 2.

With the game's demand showing no signs of abating, Pocketpair has taken to Twitter to share its roadmap for Palworld's future updates. The studio has exciting plans in store for players, promising new content in the form of additional islands, new Pals, and challenging bosses. Notably, the roadmap outlines the introduction of PvP, a Pal Arena, and crossplay functionality between Xbox and Steam, expanding the gaming community.

Among the upcoming features, the inclusion of raid bosses is set to serve as end-game content, adding depth and challenges for seasoned players. While the roadmap teases these thrilling updates, Pocketpair has yet to disclose specific timelines for their implementation. As Palworld continues to captivate players, the roadmap hints at an evolving and dynamic gaming experience, ensuring that the excitement surrounding the game persists well into the future.