Palworld Experiences Frequent Crashes on Xbox Platform


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A significant number of players are grappling with persistent crashes on the Xbox version of Palworld, leading to a notable decline in their overall gaming experience. This recurrent issue adds to the growing list of drawbacks that the Xbox port of Palworld presents when compared to its PC counterpart.

Despite PocketPair's recent success, with Palworld surpassing 7 million sales within just five days of its release, the substantial player base has exposed certain drawbacks, particularly common in early access indie titles. The surge in player traffic during the game's launch weekend led to disruptions in Palworld's multiplayer functionality, a challenge that has seen some resolution. However, a lingering problem revolves around the game's stability on Microsoft's consoles.

Numerous reports from players indicate that both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions of Palworld consistently crash under various circumstances, occurring as frequently as every 20 minutes. These claims align with Game Rant's own testing sessions, revealing an average of approximately two crashes per hour. The prevalence of these disruptions further accentuates the disparity in performance between the Xbox and PC iterations of Palworld.