My Time at Sandrock Unveils Extensive Update for Nintendo Switch


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The farm life simulator My Time at Sandrock has received a substantial update for its Nintendo Switch version, bringing a plethora of new content while addressing persistent issues that have plagued the handheld port for weeks.

Since its full release in November, My Time at Sandrock has garnered mostly positive reviews, except for criticisms directed at the Switch version due to performance issues and software bugs. Responding to player feedback, developer Pathea Games, based in China, has launched update 1.1.4 for the Switch version on January 23. This comprehensive update not only promises to rectify existing issues but also introduces a range of new content.

The update includes additional quests, workshop upgrades, and gameplay features, aiming to enhance the overall gaming experience. Beyond content additions, the release addresses a significant number of bugs, offering optimizations and quality-of-life improvements. By incorporating all hotfixes released up to December 10, the update aligns the Switch version of My Time at Sandrock with its PC counterpart.