Migrate from PST Calendar to Office 365


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To import a PST calendar to Office 365 manually, users can follow these steps:

- Open Microsoft Outlook and navigate to "File" > "Open & Export" > "Import/Export."
- Choose "Import from another program or file" and click "Next."
- Select "Outlook Data File (.pst)" and click "Next."
- Browse and select the PST file containing the calendar data and choose whether to allow duplicates.
- Select the calendar folder to import and click "Next."
- Choose the destination to import the calendar and click "Finish."

Challenges faced during manual import:
1. Complex process for non-technical users.
2. Risk of data loss or corruption.
3. Time-consuming and prone to errors.

Alternatively, users can opt for the Cigati PST Converter Tool, which offers a seamless solution to import PST calendars to Office 365. This tool simplifies the process, ensuring data integrity and saving time for users.


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No worries, I can help you a lot so that you can convert the PST file with the calendar of Outlook to Office 365 in a very simple way. To do this you need software, and it should be reliable software, so from my experience, I am best suggesting you convert your PST file safely with this highly reliable tool called “Softaken Outlook PST to office 365 importer. With the help of this tool, you can migrate Outlook PST to Office 365, apart from this you can also migrate to other 30+ email clients if you want. This is a very good application. It saves and migrates your file without changing the properties of any PST data, further increasing its popularity among users. So, you also want to import safe and accurate data from your PST file to Outlook. So, I would ask you to use this tool because it has many advanced features which are very useful for the user which the user may need in future, and it runs on all types of windows, and it is a reliable tool as well. -Also, user-friendly. I hope with the help of this tool you will be able to migrate your files from PST format to Office 365 without losing any data it is a user-friendly tool. For more information, you should follow this tool. So that you can know well about its modern features.
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If you want to import PST files in office365 format, I recommend this Cloud Importer Software. You can save data from PST to office365 and export it in different file formats. The application can also import password-protected PST files. There is no file size limit when importing multiple files. Users will not have any problems while using this software due to its ease of use. Read more: https://www.sametools.com/cloud/importer/


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To perform easy and safe conversion of PST calendar to Office 365 I would like to suggest users to try CubexSoft PST File Converter the software comes with an advanced solution to perform PST file conversion, free demo version of the software is also available for users as well.


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Importing PST data into Office 365 can be easily done with the Sysinfo PST Converter. It is the most useful tool for those who want to backup PST file data. This tool can backup PST data into 10+ file formats and various email providers. Along with the emails, it can backup calendars, contacts, junk folders, sent items, etc. Using this tool, users can import PST files in bulk without any data loss. It keeps data intact during the process resulting in 100% accuracy. This PST File Converter provides users with an option to remove duplicate emails to create a precise backup. Also, users don't need to install the Outlook application to back up Outlook PST files.