Merge multiple PST files


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Merging multiple PST files can be done using Regain Outlook PST Merger tool, which is the most common method. However, keep in mind that there's no direct "merge" option in Outlook. Instead, you'll need to import the contents of multiple PST files into one primary PST file. Here's a step-by-step guide to accomplish this:

Note: Before proceeding, ensure you have backups of your PST files to avoid data loss.

Step 1: Locate PST Files First, locate all the PST files that you want to merge into one. Make sure you know their file paths.

Step 2: Create a New PST File If you want to merge the data into a new PST file, follow these steps to create it:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click on "File" in the top-left corner.
  • Select "New" > "Outlook Data File."
  • Choose the format for the new data file (usually "Outlook Data File (.pst)").
  • Give it a name and choose a location to save it
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Shoviv PST Merge is a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of combining multiple PST files into a single PST file effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface, this tool makes it simple to merge Outlook data files, such as emails, contacts, calendars, and more, without the risk of data loss or corruption.
This tool also merges ANSI and UNICODE PST files.

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Can't answer an existing topic, what should I do ??
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Merging several PST files can be a big difficulty for many Outlook users. To make the process go smoothly, it is critical to recognize the problem and create an appropriate solution. Having problems with your Outlook PST files might be quite aggravating, but don't panic; there is a solution.

Some may try manually combining PST files; however, this process is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Because of its complexity, this technique necessitates a high degree of technological competence, and even then, it may result in data loss or corruption. Clearly, the manual method is not appropriate for people looking for a dependable and speedy approach to merging several PST files.

Fortunately, there is a more dependable method available in the form of the Softaken Outlook PST Merger program. This useful tool not only streamlines the merging procedure but also reduces the hazards associated with manual techniques. You may easily merge numerous PST files into a single file without fear of data loss or damage, boosting your Outlook experience overall. The program simplifies the difficult operation of merging PST files and assures consistency in your Outlook data while saving you time and effort that you can now devote to more essential activities. Softaken Outlook PST Merger is a simple and safe way to merge numerous PST files.


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You can use the most suitable and risk-free solution to merge multiple Outlook PST files at once, which name is the MailsDaddy PST Split tool. With this user-friendly software, users can easily combine two or more Outlook PST files in a single Outlook PST without losing any data including contacts, calendars, events, tasks, attachments, and all others. It also allows to effortlessly merge ANSI, Unicode, damaged, Archived, and password-protected Outlook PST files without any hassle. Smoothly works with all versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows OS.
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To merge multiple types of PST files into a single PST file, use the most recent and practical program, Sametools Merge Outlook PST Software. You can smoothly merge many PST files into a single file with the help of this skilled software. It generates PST files that are compatible with every edition of Microsoft Outlook and can be easily imported while retaining full folder structure, meta information, text formatting, HTML formatting, and attachments. It can link ANSI, Unicode, and old PST files. Before merging their Outlook PST files, users can view them individually. Download the free demo version of this program to investigate the software's further capabilities without spending a dime.


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Are you looking at Merge multiple PST files? I recommend using the Mailvita Merge PST Software as a quick and easy way to Merge multiple PST files with only a few clicks. Users can merge all sizes of Outlook PST files with none hassle. This utility combines the Outlook files by means of creating a Folder for every PST record. Users can merge contacts, inboxes, and journals without any mistakes. You can also get unfastened previews of all your PST documents earlier than merging them right into a unmarried record. Run all Mac and Windows Operating Systems of the software program. It additionally supports all MS Outlook versions. Download and installation the free trial versions of the Merge Outlook PST Tool.

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If you want to merge multiple PST files then I would recommend you to use Advik PST Merge Tool on your system. The software can combine multiple PSt files and remove duplicates. It is a stand alone utility which means you do not need to install Outlook application to complete the process. It is a trustworthy solution. It maintains the folder structure of PST file data during the process. It supports all latest and old versions of Windows OS.


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To combine all of your Outlook PST files, regardless of edition, use the DataVare Merge Outlook PST File Tool. The trial version is additionally offered for no cost performance. Outlook PST files may be linked fast and without causing any data loss. Outlook can be exported from Microsoft in ANSI or UNICODE formats. Every Windows OS and Mac version is compatible. The Outlook PST files can be accessed without installing the Microsoft Outlook software. Among its features are emails, calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, attachments, and messages. Supported Microsoft versions include 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000.