Leaked Information Suggests Classic PS4 Horror Game Until Dawn Might Be Heading to PC and PS5


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In a recent leak, it has been hinted that the renowned PlayStation 4 exclusive horror game Until Dawn may be getting a release on PC and PS5. Developed by Supermassive Games and originally launched in 2015, Until Dawn garnered acclaim for blending classic survival-horror gameplay with an interactive movie format, offering players significant choices that impacted the narrative and character survival.

Widely regarded as a standout title that elevated Supermassive Games in the horror genre, Until Dawn played a pivotal role in establishing the studio's reputation. It served as a precursor to subsequent projects, including The Dark Pictures anthology series, The Quarry, and other interactive movie ventures. The game's emphasis on player choice, where decisions could lead to various character fates, contributed to its popularity on the PS4.

The leak, originating from reliable source billbil-kun, suggests that Until Dawn is being prepared for release on PC and PS5.