Is it possible to grow Telegram channel for free?🤔


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👨‍🏫 Yes! By doing cross-promotions with other channels.

1667734737757.png📣 Erzy helps channel admins manage cross-promotion with other channel admins, from searching for promo partners🔎 to monitoring statistics 📊.

Erzy is a web app with a bunch of cool features:
- Support of private channels 🔒;
- Tracking of channel metrics 📊;
- Use of local time(no more need to calculate time from GMT) 🌎;
- Easy scheduling tool with adjustable cross promo duration (1-24hrs) 🕔;
- Channel rating ⭐️;
- Add and edit up to 5 promo posts 🗒.

🚀Learn more on the website: