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If users are using an Outlook account, then it's evident that users have multiple PST files. And, if you are one of those users that are searching for a tool that can import PST to Office 365 format, then your search ends here as we will help you with one such solution. Simply explore Shoviv PST to Office 365 Migration Tool, which is designed to handle the import of multiple PST files to the Office 365 account. This software is integrated with a strong algorithm. It is more straightforward if we talk about its usage, which is possible only due to its convenient user interface. This software also makes sure to restrict duplicate emails while importing the files. Along with that, the tool also provides a free demo version through which users can test its workings.


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Import PST to Office 365 Software is a simple process of importing Outlook PST files to Office 365 Accounts without any data loss. This software easily imports emails and attachments from PST files into Outlook 365 account. Import the single and multiple PST files to Microsoft 365. It supports both types of PST files - ANSI and Unicode. You can use Outlook to Office 365 Importer software is a 100% safe and secure tool. You can simply import big and large-size Outlook PST files to Office 365 Cloud. The application supports all Windows OS versions such as 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista. It also works on all Microsoft Outlook versions like - 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000. This process is safe and protected your data and privacy. Download and Install the free demo version of the utility before purchasing.

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I have recently knowledgeable this professional application called PST to Office 365 migration to convert a few of my PST files into Outlook Office 365. The GainTools Cloud Importer tool has a reliable interactive user interface that allows me to perform the whole task without the necessity for any technical help. It retained my file data in its original structure throughout the procedure. I must say that it is a top-notch app to migrate your PST files into Outlook Office 365. You can try its free demo version to examine its amazing performance.


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To import a PST file into Office 365, you can use a PST converter tool. These tools are designed to facilitate the migration process and ensure a smooth transition. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Download and install a reliable TrustVare PST Converter Tool.
  • Launch the PST converter software on your computer.
  • Choose the option to "Import PST" or "Add PST file" within the tool.
  • Browse and select the PST file you want to import.
  • Specify the Office 365 account where you want to import the PST file.
  • Provide the necessary account credentials (username and password) for the Office 365 account.
  • Configure the desired settings, such as folder mapping and filters (if applicable).
  • Start the PST file conversion process by clicking on the "Convert" button.
  • The tool will begin migrating the PST file to Office 365. The time taken for the migration will depend on the size of the PST file and the speed of your network connection.
  • Once the migration is complete, you will receive a confirmation message.
  • Access your Office 365 account and verify that the PST file's data has been successfully imported.

Remember to choose a reputable and trusted PST converter to ensure the security and integrity of your data during the migration process.


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To easily and efficiently import PST files to Office 365 account, I would suggest using the safe and reliable PST to Office 365 Migration Tool. This advanced tool helps to migrate PST files in bulk with high data accuracy. It does not alter any data structure and maintains folder hierarchy throughout the migration process. Its user-friendly process makes it easy to use by all users.


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An import and export PST to Office 365 using an effective tool Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool.
To export a PST file from Office 365, you can use the MS 365 admin center or the Exchange admin center. Here's a general outline of the process:
  • Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center or the Exchange admin center.
  • Go to the user's mailbox that you want to export, and then select the Export option.
  • Follow the prompts to choose the items you wish to export and specify where to save the PST file.
  • When the export process is complete, it will automatically save the PST file to the specified location.
Additionally, you will need any professional PST to Office 365 Migration software to do the process automatically. Non-technicals use it to avoid additional data losses.