How to recover deleted OST emails


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Use Regain OST Recovery Software: If you have deleted the OST file or it got corrupted, you may try using data recovery software to retrieve it. However, this method might not always be successful, and it's better to act quickly before the data gets overwritten.

Important Note: OST files are offline copies of your mailbox stored on your local device. They are usually synchronized with the server and do not contain a complete history of your emails. If the emails were deleted from the server before the OST file synchronized, they might not be recoverable through this method.

To prevent data loss in the future, ensure you regularly back up your emails or use cloud-based email solutions that provide continuous synchronization and backup options.
Remember, the success of email recovery largely depends on your specific email system, backup practices, and the timeframe in which the emails were deleted. If you're unable to recover the deleted emails yourself, consider seeking assistance from IT professionals or email service support.

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