How long is Levitra effective? What is the strongest Levitra?


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Levitra is a doctor-prescribed medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Levitra tablet contains Vardenafil which helps to improve the blood flow to particular body parts. Levitra helps to increase the blood flow into the penis during sexual activity. The increased blood cause an erection. Levitra does not improve sexual desire and doesn’t protect against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. You can easily order Levitra pills from

30 to 60 minutes before sex you can take a Levitra pill. Take Levitra with or without food but orally take it with water.
Different variants are available in the market like Levitra 10 mg, Levitra 40mg, Levitra 60, and Levitra 2.5, Levitra 40 is the strongest Levitra among all these products. A single Levitra pill is advised to be taken in 24 hours.You should not take more than one Levitra in every 24 hours