How can I Secure PDF Files so That No One Copy My Content Through PDF Files After Sharing?

Ronald White

New member
Hey, I got your problem I also have the same problem a few weeks ago. My colleagues are always stole my content and take all credit of my work from my boss, this was so exhausted and after 2 days of research I found an application that offers this feature. The feature name is called “Custom restriction” in which you can choose to restrict the user to print PDFs, restrict the user to copy file text, restrict the user to edit pdf files, etc.

Simple you have to download the application whose name is “PDF PROTECTOR TOOL” from Chrome or any other browser and afterward follow these steps:-
• After installing open the application and then click on “Browse” Button
• Then select your file and then mark your restrictions
• Afterwards, type your password in the password field
• And then select you location where you want to save that file and hit the “Generate PDF” button. That’s it.

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