Do you want to Migrate Zoho Emails to G Suite/Google Workspace?


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Migrating from Zoho Mail to G Suite/Google Workspace can be a bit tricky manually, but I've got a method that might make your life easier.

Firstly, in the manual approach, export your Zoho Mail data (EML, PST, or MBOX formats) through the Zoho Mail web interface. Then, head over to G Suite and use their migration tools to import your data. It's doable, but I faced challenges like potential data loss, and it's a bit time-consuming, especially if you're not a tech whiz.

Here's the game-changer: Cigati Zoho Backup Software. It's a lifesaver! Install it, connect your Zoho Mail and G Suite accounts, and start the migration. It's super user-friendly, ensuring a smooth transition. The best part? It keeps your data intact, minimizing the risk of any hiccups during the move. Plus, it's a time-saver, making the entire process a breeze.

So, skip the manual hassle and give Cigati a shot for a seamless switch from Zoho Mail to G Suite/Google Workspace. It worked wonders for me!


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To migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail account, you can go with CubexSoft Zoho Mail backup tool that can directly migrate entire Zoho Mail account emails to Gmail without missing any details. It will also preserve all mail properties including attachments. It understands all users’ demands so it also provides multiple filters that can open specified Zoho Mail files to Gmail account. The tool is accessible on Windows & Mac OS edition. You can try it with free demo edition to understand its working efficiency.