Dishonored Developer Offers Insightful Defense of Palworld Amid Controversy


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In response to the prevailing criticism of Palworld as a purported Pokemon copycat, a high-ranking official from Arkane Lyon, the studio behind the Dishonored franchise, has come forward to offer a nuanced defense of the game. In a notable departure from the accusations, the senior figure, Dinga Bakaba, provides an in-depth analysis of PocketPair's latest title, emphasizing its distinctive features.

Palworld, a $30 survival game with monster-taming mechanics, made a significant impact upon its early access release on January 19, garnering widespread attention and success. However, the game has faced scrutiny from gamers who contend that it is merely a lazy imitation of Pokemon. Bakaba, the studio director and co-creative director at Arkane Lyon, took to Twitter to address the ongoing Palworld vs. Pokemon controversy.

In a comprehensive breakdown spanning 21 tweets and over 2,000 words, Bakaba challenges the notion that Palworld is a direct clone of Pokemon. He underscores that the game is fundamentally a survival title akin to Ark and Rust, distinguishing it from the Pokemon franchise. Regarding similarities with Pokemon, Bakaba acknowledges that Palworld doesn't shy away from being a parody, making some overlap understandable and even expected within that context. His insightful defense provides a nuanced perspective on Palworld's unique identity amid the controversy.