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Enhancement of Productivity: The use of Modalert has the potential to assist persons in being alert and productive, particularly in circumstances in which they are required to work long hours, participate in shift work, or study for lengthy periods of time.

Reduced Fatigue As a result of Modalert ability to decrease fatigue and enhance energy levels, it is an effective treatment option for those who feel exhaustion as a result of sleep disturbances or other factors.

Enhancement of Mood: Although this effect is not as obvious with Modalert as it is with other medications like stimulants, some users say that they experience an improvement in mood and motivation when taking the drug.

Reduced Impulsivity Modalert 100 mg Australia online effects on impulsivity may vary from person to person, although there is some evidence that it can assist in decision-making and reduce impulsivity.

It is believed that modafinil has a lesser potential for misuse and addiction in comparison to other medicines that promote alertness, such as amphetamines. This is because modafinil has a shorter half-life than amphetamines.