Are Moissanite Wedding Bands as Durable as Diamonds?


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When it comes to durability, moissanite wedding bands offered by Lucid Gem Studio are often compared to traditional diamond bands due to their exceptional hardness and resilience. While diamonds have long been considered the standard for durability in jewelry, moissanite holds its own in terms of toughness and longevity.

Moissanite, a lab-created gemstone, ranks closely to diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness, scoring 9.25 out of 10 compared to diamonds' perfect 10. This high level of hardness makes moissanite wedding bands highly resistant to scratching, chipping, and other forms of damage that can occur with everyday wear.

In fact, due to its crystalline structure and strong molecular bonds, moissanite is even more resistant to scratching and abrasion than many other popular gemstones, including sapphires and rubies. This durability ensures that wedding band moissanite from Lucid Gem Studio maintains its pristine appearance and sparkle over time, making it an ideal choice for daily wear.

Furthermore, moissanite's exceptional toughness makes it less prone to breakage or damage from impact compared to other gemstones. This means that couples can confidently wear their moissanite wedding bands without worrying about compromising their beauty or integrity.

While diamonds are renowned for their durability, moissanite offers a comparable level of resilience at a more affordable price point. This makes moissanite wedding bands an attractive option for couples seeking high-quality, long-lasting jewelry without the premium price tag associated with diamonds.

In conclusion, while diamonds may have a slight edge in terms of hardness, moissanite wedding bands offered by Lucid Gem Studio are highly durable and resilient, making them an excellent choice for couples looking for beautiful, enduring symbols of their love and commitment. With proper care and maintenance, moissanite wedding bands can maintain their brilliance and beauty for a lifetime, making them timeless and cherished accessories for any couple.​