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Welcome to IG MASS DM
Your new method to advertise your business, getting sales and new leads on Instagram, Telegram, Discord and Twitter!


What is Mass DM and how it works?

IG Mass DM is a service that can be used by anyone who's interested in organic growth, getting new leads or sales on all of the biggest social medias in the world! Our team will send messages from our Instagram accounts to promote your main account. The message will contain a link to your profile/post and a text message with a call to action based on your request. In the messages you can promote your account, send giveaways to potential clients, send special offers and more!

What's the process?

1. After the purchase you will give us all the required information that needed such as target audience, profile/post to promote and custom message with a call to action (we can guide you here).
2. We'll scrap your target audience based on your request.
On Instagram we can scrap followers, hashtags, location. On Telegram we can scrape public groups based on your request and on Twitter we can target followers.
3. We will send the DMs to your target audience!

Prices are starting from:

Instagram Mass DM + Comment:

$2 per 1,000 messages

Mass Mention on Instagram:
$1.3 per 1,000 messages

Mass Comment on Instagram:
$1.3 per 1,000 messages

Twitter Mass DM:
$5 per 1,000 messages

Discord Mass DM:
$5 per 1,000 messages

Telegram Mass DM:
$25 per 1,000 messages

What are the payment methods?


How long do orders take to process?

It depends on our schedule and the scraping. Usually it take no more than 24-72 hours.

What's the refund policy?

We can guarantee that we will send out your order. Otherwise we will refund you!

Do you work with SMM Panels?

Yes we work with many SMM panels, there's an option to connect with API.

How can I place an order?

Contact us on Telegram or through our panel!



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