Precise Powder Coating Services to Your Specifications


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Powder coating is widely used to improve the aesthetic appearance, corrosion resistance, and durability of metal components. Commonly carried out for OEM parts - this metal finishing method requires professional skills and expertise to get it right.

Rusty Lions is the leading metal finishing company in New Jersey offering premium powder coating services. Our expertise and equipment allow us to meet the demands of automotive, architectural, and commercial clients. From small parts like grills and rims to large industrial equipment, we can meet the needs of the toughest jobs at hand.

Expert Powder Coating Process​

At Rusty Lions, our three-step process ensures that we get the job done right the first time. For components that require rust or old paint stripped off, we also offer sandblasting services as pretreatment to powder coating.

We have automated paint lines and batch spray booths to ensure a flawless finish for every specification.

· Preparation

We pretreat your metal components to clean them thoroughly of dirt, grime, oil, rust, paint, and other contaminants using mechanical or chemical processes.

· Powder Coating

Our applicators spray negatively charged powder through an electrostatic spray gun under compressed air. This negative charge causes the powder to adhere to the surface.

· Oven Curing

We have modern ovens to bake your powder-coated components so that the powder melts at high temperatures and spreads uniformly over the surface.

Obtain a Quote​

Whatever your requirements, Rustyions can deliver. Call 347-613-8103 or send an email to [email protected] to obtain a quote for the best powder coating services in the area.